2 thoughts on “Concerns About Common Core Expressed in Cleveland

  1. I have been following the Common Core implementations closely and, as a school board trustee, have been attending teacher training sessions. Much of this transformation makes great sense and is very positive. But there are definitely issues to be wary of. The big missing item is control of content. Much more time will be spent teaching students “how to learn”, which is great. But there will be much less time available for teaching actual content and facts – history, scientific data, important literary concepts. values. And it appears that the “technical reading” that is provided is often propaganda, or at best, very ideologically tilted.

    Totally missing is economic literacy, which dooms our students to the same financial mediocrity we currently enjoy.

    It’s time for every parent, every business person, every citizen to GET INVOLVED – go to your school board and start asking questions about Common Core. It could be positive if it is steered in the right direction. But if we allow ourselves to be STEAMROLLED with this, we will pay the cost of our disengagement later.

  2. Implying that Common Core/federal mandates are the problem associated with private schools (corporations) getting our tax dollars misses the mark entirely. The problem is that private schools ARE taking public money knowing full well that, in doing so, they are becoming agents of the state.

    “Publicly funded and privately serviced” is unconstitutional & unAmerican no matter the rest of the story.

    Are we to simply forget that private schools ARE NOT being forced to take vouchers? If they don’t want Common Core, the solution is a simple one: stay private — don’t accept government assistance of any kind. Afterall, that is the definition of “private school”.

    A very important point seems to keep being left-out of the discussion: “School Choice” IS designed to be THE END OF PRIVATE SCHOOL EDUCATION WHETHER COMMON CORE STANDARDS OR STATE STANDARDS ARE UTILIZED.

    What states are really being asked to decide in the “School Choice” debate is: do you only want government education–do you want to end the choice of parents to private education??

    Unfortunately, this cold, hard fact has been totally lost in all of this.

    The fight that we must wage is for the rights of Americans to NOT have their money that should be starting, expanding or securing OUR OWN businesses taken from us by the state and given to other corporations.

    The fight that we must wage is to ensure that our grandchildren and their grandchildren will have the same opportunity that many of us gave to our children: a private education free of government interference in schools not sullied by participation in public-private partnerships.

    Publicly Funded + Privately Serviced = Nothing Resembling the U.S of A.

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