#CaniSEE The Solution: Countering Common Core

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The Heritage Foundation, Women on the Wall, Eagle Forum, and Voices Empower are co-sponsoring a conference in Austin, TX on June 20-21 called #CaniSee The Solution.  It is meant to be a counter-event to the PTA national convention being held in Austin on June 19th-22nd who has invited U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan to keynote.

The #CaniSee The Solution conference will feature some of the most prominent voices who have come together to end the federal takeover of K-12 public education:


  • Dr. Sandra Stotsky – Professor Emeritus, University of Arkansas
  • Dr. James Milgram — Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at Stanford University
  • Jane Robbins – Attorney and senior fellow with American Principles Project
  • Dr. Peg Luksik – Founded on Truth

Workshop Leaders:

  • Alice Linahan – Moderator, Women on the Wall
  • MerryLynn Gerstenschlager – Texas Eagle Forum
  • Mary Bowen – Current Texas classroom teacher
  • Jeanine MacGregor – Writer, researcher, cognitive learning expert
  • Nakonia (Niki) Hayes – “The Story of John Saxon” – Saxon Math
  • Henry W. Burke — EducationViews.org Contributor
  • Jenni White – ROPE – Oklahoma
  • Anita Moncrief – True the Vote
  • Lisa Benson — National Security Radio
  • Karen Schroeder – President of Advocates for Academic Freedom
  • Glyn Wright – Executive Director of Eagle Forum

This conference is part of the #CaniSee campaign launced by Women on the Wall that calls on parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and concerned citizens to give the gift of American Exceptionalism to the next generation by going into their child’s classroom to ask these three questions.

  • #CanISee™© WHAT you are teaching my child?
  • #CanISee™© HOW you are teaching my child?
  • #CanISee™© WHO is benefiting financially from the curriculum on which my child’s teacher is being evaluated?

You can register for the conference here.

6 thoughts on “#CaniSEE The Solution: Countering Common Core

  1. counter radical ed reform
    counter charter schools
    counter unelected councils
    counter teacher evals
    counter global education
    counter UNESCO
    counter World Core and Robert Muller’s legacy
    counter spiritual education for the NWO
    counter go green Marxist economy education
    common core is a part of the evil pie

    1. You are the problem, not the public schools….people like you with no education and no sense.

      1. I went to public schools, I know this was not an education but rather a collectivist, humanist, Darwinist (racist) indoctrination. Therefore I have become a self learner, and I read books.

        I am for the preservation of public schools funded and controlled by the local communities where the schools are located and that federal and United Nations, and corporate influences must be stopped immediately.

        By reading your comments above, I gather we both agree that state controlled charters being presented as a choice are in fact more fascist state control disguised as capitalist, private schools. Therefore we might agree on this point.

        My “belief system” is the opposite of collectivism and is that of a pro individual, pro constitutional, pro Bill of God given rights for each person to use his free will in order to pursue life, liberty and happiness. This can only be accomplished when one receives a Classical education in the history and mechanics of Western Civilization NOT school to work, 21st century, slave labor, totalitarian, communism, data files on each student and teacher just like the Nazi’s and state indoctrination.

        We must face the totality of Radical Global Education Reform and the spiritual influences of Huxley and his UNESCO that seek to destroy The West and force a system that will make the USA as demoralized as a third world cast system country.

        Make no mistake this is the change that has been planned from within.

      2. That’s right, “joyfuljoy,” just keep slinging hate-speech when you can’t come up with a rational apologisis.

  2. IF you folks actually believe that you can do away with public schools so that you can try to indoctrinate our children in your paranoid and delusional belief system, you are mistaken. Most of us hard working parent know fools and charletans when we see them and that’s the only way I can describe you people. Good luck with turning the public schools into private institutions where you can have your way with our children…it ain’t gonna happen.

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