Can Governor Cuomo Do New York Students’ Common Core Homework?

486px-Andrew_Cuomo_by_Pat_Arnow_croppedCan New York Governor Andrew Cuomo do the homework that is being assigned to students across his state?

That’s exactly what Stop Common Core in New York State would like to find out.  New Yorkers have been hit with changes in high-stakes assessments and their children are being inundated with inappropriate homework that has stumped students and parents alike.  Mark Ferreris, with Stop Common Core in New York State, came up with the idea of starting a campaign to highlight the problem and bring pressure to bear on the person they see as being responsible.

Here is the summary of the campaign they are launching:

OK WARRIORS…..Time to TAKE ACTION……..Our children suffer each night with abusive, age inappropriate homework that destroys both their self-esteem and their freedom to truly learn. We want all of you to send your children’s homework via email or regular mail, every night to the man who continues to make this happen …CUOMO….

Title the email/mail " CAN YOU DO THIS because Our Children Can’t" and let him get a taste of the suffocating, mind-numbing curriculum that he’s helped shove down our children’s throats which will enslave their impressionable minds…..It’s Simple, It’s Quick and it’s for YOUR CHILDREN….Flood him with emails daily or send weekly updates to him.

They are asking New York parents to email Governor Cuomo at or mail him at:

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
Office of the Governor
NYS State Capital Building
Albany, NY 12224

Those who have Twitter can take a picture of their child’s homework and tweet it to @NYGovCuomo.

The campaign started Wednesday and will go until May 30th.  You can see the Facebook event page here.


Photo credit (picture at top): Pat Arrow (CC-By-SA 2.0)

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