Bobby Jindal is Riding the Fence on Common Core

Bobby-Jindal.jpgI ran across this story in the Shreveport Times where Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal dodged questions on the Common Core.  Where does Governor Jindal stand on bills that are being considered in the Louisiana Legislature this session?

Here’s an excerpt:

When asked about an overall opinion of Common Core, the governor replied, “We’ve had good conversations with the authors. I don’t think it’s progressed to the point where we can tell you, ‘Hey look,’ they’re willing to make changes or not willing to make changes that would put these bills in a posture we can support them or oppose them.”

“They haven’t made those decisions yet, so we haven’t,” Jindal continued. “We’re having good constructive conversations with them, but it’s early.”

Bills dealing with Common Core this legislative session range from a total ban on using the standards to “tweaking” them to make them more acceptable. Some call for developing “Louisiana standards” that have more rigor than is now required.

“In general, I think we should have strong standards in this state,” Jindal said.

When asked what he would support, he answered, “When it comes to specific bills, when they get to the issue of standards, we’ll sit down with the authors and provide our thoughts about it. But in general when it comes to standards, we don’t want to weaken the standards.”


Jindal said he wants tougher standards but wouldn’t commit to whether the standards should be statewide or developed by the different school boards in the state, as is proposed in legislation.

The governor also said he doesn’t like “one-size-fits-all” testing, as is proposed using PARCC exams. “Where we do draw a red line is we absolutely oppose anything that would undo reforms. It would be a mistake to go backward.”

And he said “folks are rightfully concerned about federal government overreach” into schools.

He’s trying to ride the fence and that must hurt.  Governor Jindal needs to pick a side on which he’ll stand.  Will he stand with Louisiana Moms and Dads or on the side of special interest groups and big business?

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr (CC-By-SA 2.0)