Bill Gates Wins Hearts for the Common Core By Lining Pockets


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation spent millions to advance the Common Core State Standards in 2013.

From Valerie Strauss at The Washington Post:

Millions of Gates dollars were awarded this year for various Core-related activities, including to increase public support for the Common Core;  a $3.2 million grant to the New Venture Fund is intended “to support successful implementation of the Common Core State Standards by building public awareness and understanding.” (The fund’s Web site says it is a nonprofit organization “offering domestic and international grant-making services, executing donor-developed projects, and providing full fiscal sponsorship including grant and contract management for innovative public-interest projects.”)

Some of the grants are to help develop new standardized tests aligned to the Core; the Council of Chief State School Officers won $4 million in July “to support the development of high quality assessments to measure” the standards. Other grants are to help teachers develop materials for the Common Core. The NEA Foundation for the Improvement of Education won a few grants in this regard, including one in July for $3,882,600 to “support a cohort of National Education Association Master Teachers in the development of Common Core-aligned lessons in K-5 mathematics and K-12 English Language Arts,” and another in October for $501,580 “to give support to teachers in Kentucky to implement the Common Core State Standards confidently and effectively.”

Meanwhile, the National Conference of State Legislatures won $447,046 in November to “continue its support of state legislators on Common Core and teacher effectiveness”; UCLA won $942,527 in September “to develop a tool that helps states on Common Core-aligned assessments”; the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in August won $115,000 “to support an online, game-based learning experience for reading and writing aligned to Common Core literacy standards”; and the University of Kentucky Research Foundation won $1 million in February to “to support the launch of a new Center for Innovation in Education to advance implementation of the common core and more personalized learning for students and teachers that will enable young people to graduate career and college ready.”

I seem to recall testimony in Wisconsin from a representative of the National Conference of State Legislatures who claimed to be neutral.  If memory serves correct we can deem him a liar.  Then there is $800,000 that went to the National Association of School Boards – sigh.

You can see the list here.

3 thoughts on “Bill Gates Wins Hearts for the Common Core By Lining Pockets

  1. To Stop Common Core Stop Bill Gates! Here is one way to hurt B Gates
    where it hurts> Don’t buy Microsoft products, switch or have Ubuntu
    Linux installed on your next computer or buy one with Ubuntu instead of
    Microsoft; In 2014 Ubuntu is coming out with a smart phone and tablet

  2. Public education is run by a criminal cabal of big government, big labor and big business. They want to manipulate you and your children for power and money. They don’t care about children or teachers.
    Indoctrination of children into socialist ideas and immorality is a strategy
    for maintaining a permanent liberal majority of dependent slaves.

  3. Common Core Education, the streets are full of them! Young adults who are confused, angry, uneducated, dysfunctional, unemployable, with no future hope, turns to drugs and violence! Please be informed, get involved, help save a future for our children!

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