Axelrod on Twitter About Common Core Critics

As seen on Twitter yesterday from the former senior advisor of Barack Obama, David Axelrod.

Axelrod linked to a Washington Post article that points to Tea Party groups mobilizing against the Common Core.  What he doesn’t seem to understand that while Tea Party groups are getting involved, this is a movement of moms and dads who want a better education for their children.  Tea Party groups are just one faction.  This is a bipartisan movement – liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans.

His tweet tells me a couple of things.  1. We have their attention, and 2. We are winning the debate. 

Let’s tweet Axelrod to let him know what we think.

Update: From a friend on Facebook.

When ever I hear our politicians talk about what other countries must be thinking or someone tells me we’re falling behind I often thin think of this quote from a Singapore education minister when asked about the differences between his country and ours:

“We both have meritocracies. Yours is a talent meritocracy, ours is an exam meritocracy. There are some parts of the intellect that we are not able to test well like creativity, curiosity, a sense of adventure, ambition. Most of all America has a culture of learning that challenges conventional wisdom, even if it means challenging authority. These are the areas where Singapore must learn from America.” – Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Minister of Education for Singapore.

They are not laughing.

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  1. Actually they are laughing at us because we allow communist indoctrination into our schools. They are overjoyed!

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