Arne Duncan Gets an F in EdNext Reader Poll, Common Core Polled Next

arne-duncan1EdNext readers overwhelmingly  gave Arne Duncan an F for his job performance.

  • A – 3%
  • B – 3%
  • C – 6%
  • D – 16 %
  • F – 72%

This is obviously not a scientific poll, but this site is read by people from all over the political spectrum.  It seems like a variety of people are unhappy with him likely for different reasons.

This week they’re asking the following question:

As you may know, all states are currently deciding whether or not to adopt the Common Core standards in reading and math.  If adopted, these standards would be used to hold the state’s schools accountable for their performance.  Do you support or oppose the adoption of the Common Core standards in your state?

I voted and chose “completely oppose.”  At the time I voted the results were:

  • Completely support – 35.29%
  • Somewhat support – 35.29%
  • Neither support nor oppose – 8.82%
  • Somewhat oppose – 8.82%
  • Completely oppose – 20.59%

Go vote (or if you support the common core, don’t).