Arizonans Fighting the Funding of the Common Core

AZ-state-flag1We wanted to highlight work that is happening in Arizona currently spearheaded by Arizonans Against Common Core.  They are currently trying to keep the Arizona Legislature from funding implementation of the Common Core.

Here is an update that Jennifer Reynolds sent me via email:

We are currently fighting Budget Appropriations for further implementing Common Core for the 2013-2014 school year. The Bill number is SB1483 and we stopped this funding ($82 million for CC) in our Senate and we are working to stop this funding from “popping up again” in our House. We also stopped funding already in HB2047 for the Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards (AIMS) to PARCC transition bill which would fund the implementation, teacher training of CC, and further fund PARCC when it is finalized in 2015.

Here is the amendment that stripped the Common Core funding from SB 1483 while it was in the Arizona Senate.  If you live in Arizona, please contact your State Representative to ask them to keep it out.

They also have a petition for the redress of grievances that Arizonans should sign.  The purpose of this is to point out that the Arizona Department of Education did not follow the Arizona Constitution when the Common Core State Standards were adopted in 2010.  “They did not involve the parents before these standards were implemented which is a requirement per our Constitution and no “cost impact” analysis was done on how it would impact our state to implement these national standards,” Reynolds stated.