Anti-Common Core Candidate Matt Bevin Wins Kentucky Governor’s Race

matt-bevinStop Common Core activists in Kentucky had a good night as Republican Matt Bevin beat Democrat Jack Conway by six points. Bevin who was trailing in the polls up to election day was adamantly anti-Common Core.

Education Week notes that the primary means for him to get rid of Common Core is to flip the Kentucky State Board of Education.

Bevin is an opponent of the Common Core State Standards, and although he wouldn’t have the power simply to chuck the standards overboard on his own if he were to win the election, his power to appoint members of the state board could ultimately endanger the common core’s status in the state.

I imagine there are other things that Bevin can do to address the Common Core State Standards – like veto funding for them if he has line-item veto authority, use his bully pulpit, etc.

He ran as an outsider, let’s hope he governs like one as well.

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