Anti-Common Core Bill Introduced in Kansas

kansas-state-houseFrom the Topeka Capital-Journal:

A bill in the House Committee on Education would force the Kansas State Department of Education to scrap and replace newly adopted mathematics and English standards and develop tests to match them — something the department says would cost millions of dollars…

…Under current law, the Kansas State Board of Education decides matters pertaining to curriculum. However, House Bill 2289 would add a clause specifically prohibiting the Common Core standards. It would bar districts, the state board and the Kansas State Department of Education from spending any money on Common Core.

….Some opponents to the standards argue that the federal government forced or pressured Kansas into adopting the Common Core.

The education department says the standards are state-driven and evidence-based and will ensure greater rigor in math and English instruction. (bunk and bunk)

You can read the language of HB 2289 here.