Anti-Common Core Bill Filed in Missouri Senate

400px-MissouriCapitolFrom School Reform News:

On Jan. 24, state Sen. John Lamping (R-Ladue) introduced Senate Bill 2010, which rescinds the Missouri Board of Education’s decision to adopt the Core, forbids state agencies from implementing it, and requires the Missouri legislature to sign off on state standard shifts. State Rep. Kurt Bahr (R-St. Charles) plans to file companion legislation in the next week.

…Missouri legislators’ central concerns are cost and workability, Bahr said. The state has not published an estimate of costs for shifting to new tests and instructional materials, but independent studies estimated extra expenses at $282 million and $340 million.

The state has diverse school districts, from heavily urban to sparsely rural. Few have extra money for the technology upgrades and internet strength Common Core tests will require.

“The infrastructure required to support that is a large bill,” Bahr said. “Our state has worked in the last couple of years to increase internet connections and we’ve made some progress, but not enough.”

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