Andrew Cuomo Says He’ll Delay Using Common Core Scores for Five Years

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a campaign ad yesterday that he will delay using Common Core assessment scores for five years and then only if New York children are ready.  He even took flak from his Democratic primary opponent, Zephyr Teachout who opposed Common Core, Teachout earned 1/3 of the vote in New York’s recent Democratic Primary giving Cuomo a tougher primary than expected.

The Stop Common Core Ballot Line delivered over 62,000 signatures.  Over 30,000 students opted-out of Common Core assessments last spring including Cuomo’s Republican challenger, Rob Astorino’s children.

Then there is the polling that occurred over the summer that I wrote about.

49% of New Yorkers want Common Core implementation stopped in a Siena College poll taken on July 13-16th of 774 likely New York voters. Only 39% want to see the standards implemented. The poll has a margin of error of +/- 3.5%.

60% of Republicans want to see the Common Core implementation stopped compared to 25% who support the Common Core. 47% of Democrats want to see the Common Core continued, but 40% do not. (Again this demonstrates Common Core opposition is not partisan.). 53% of independents want to see Common Core implementation stopped, while only 39% want to see it continued.

More moderates, conservatives, union households, non-union households, men, women, suburbanites, upstaters, whites, Catholics, and members of all age groups want to see the Common Core implementation stopped.

African Americans are the only group that overwhelmingly favor implementation of the Common Core by a 60% to 25% margin. Hispanics, and Protestants are divided. Liberals and Jewish voters both support the implementation of the Common Core by a seven and six point margin. Those who live in New York City support it by a 52% to 34% margin.

Those who make $50,000 or more a year oppose the implementation of the Common Core. Those who make less are split 45% to 45%.

This is an issue that is running away from Cuomo and he realizes it.  You can watch his ad here or below.

David Weigel writing at Bloomberg Politics says that Cuomo is conceding defeat in the Common Core wars.  I wouldn’t go that far.  A full repeal is the only concession speech that many New Yorkers want to hear.  A campaign promise can be fleeting, tangible action is necessary.  Rob Astorino has hinged much of his campaign on a promise to repeal the Common Core.  A delay in counting scores seems like a weak response in comparison.

One thought on “Andrew Cuomo Says He’ll Delay Using Common Core Scores for Five Years

  1. Cuomo has not gone far enough. He now admits that the tests associated with the Common Core are not working. Given that, what good is a five year delay in the use of the scores? How does that help our children? Cuomo’s new eve-of-the-election plan means that, for the next five years, our kids will still be taught a bad CC curriculum, and they will still sit for days on end taking poorly constructed CC ELA and Math tests that (now) won’t even count at all! If the tests will not count, then why would we continue to administer them at all? The endless testing of our children needs to stop, and Cuomo needs to address the fact that the Common Core itself, not just its implementation and testing scheme, is failing our children.

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