Alabama Baptists Call for Common Core Repeal

Lakeside Baptist Church - Birmingham, AL
Lakeside Baptist Church – Birmingham, AL

Last year the Alabama Baptist Convention passed a resolution that stopped short of calling for the repeal of the Common Core State Standards.  At this year’s annual meeting they passed a resolution that called for a full repeal.  The convention that met last week at Lakeside Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL passed the resolution without any debate or discussion.

Here is the text of the resolution:

Resolution No. 4

On Parental Authority Through Local and State Control of Education

WHEREAS, Alabama Baptists hold fast their obligation before God to train up their own children; and

WHEREAS, Alabama Baptists who place their children in public schools expect to be able to provide meaningful input into their children’s total education experience; and

WHEREAS, The State of Alabama has entered into an agreement with the U.S. Department of Education called Plan 2020 which is problematic in the following areas:

  • Plan 2020 requires adoption of the Common Core Standards not controlled by Alabamians;
  • Plan 2020 requires implementation of assessments not written by Alabamians and that may measure non-cognitive areas such as a student’s attitudes and beliefs;
  • Plan 2020 requires curricula aligned with these standards and assessments which contain materials offensive to Christian values and American exceptionalism;
  • Plan 2020 requires non-cognitive data collection that violates student and family privacy and allows sharing of that data with third parties;
  • Plan 2020 requires assessments that can be used to predetermine career paths rather than to equip students to choose their own future; and
  • Plan 2020 requires all students to receive a data-driven counseling program that includes “personal/social development” in its Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Model; and

WHEREAS, Alabama Baptists believe that the God-ordained family is the rightful place for inculcating values and determining career choices, and

WHEREAS, The unproven methodology required by Common Core is resulting in significant frustration and dissatisfaction from many students, parents and teachers; and

WHEREAS, There is little or no evidence that the level of student achievement would be raised by the Common Core Initiative; and

WHEREAS, Any sound methods being applied in Alabama classrooms can be utilized without subservience to a federal mandate; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That the messengers to the Alabama Baptist State Convention meeting in Birmingham, Alabama, November 11-12, 2014, stand for proven, superior education curriculum and practice chosen by state officials who will respect parental authority and respond to citizen input; and be it finally

RESOLVED, That we urge the Governor along with the State Board of Education and/or the Alabama Legislature to repeal Common Core and accompanying assessments and replace them with sound, proven practices of educating and testing through local and state control of what is taught and how it is taught for the betterment of all children in the great state of Alabama.

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