Again, No Surprise, Textbook Sales Are About Making Money

Project Veritas released their second video, and like the first the subject is an employee of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. I should say soon-to-be-ex-employee as the last employee featured in James O’Keefe’s documentary was fired.

This time it’s Amelia Petties who is a strategic account executive at the textbook publishing giant.  She said it’s not about the kids.

“It’s never about the kids,” Petties said.

“And slapping a new name on it, which in my case I hope they do…I can sell a sh** ton of training around whatever you’re calling it,” she added. “There’s always money in it”… “I don’t think Common Core is going to go anywhere.”

Again, this is not a surprise, and like I said before I don’t think this will help move the cause forward. We’ve always know the profit motivation with publishers jumping on Common Core. New standards require new textbooks and curriculum.

Rebranding is profitable.

Also bear in mind this is one of two people in a company that employs thousands, and right now the videos center on employees whose primary concern is to sell books.  While this video is more compelling than the first, especially with teacher interviews added, I still don’t think this is a smoking gun.  What I think they’ve ultimately accomplished is to put people’s careers in jeopardy, the textbook publishing employees I don’t mind as much – they shouldn’t bad mouth the company they work for. I am concerned about the teachers they have talked to who were not realized they were being tapped.

2 thoughts on “Again, No Surprise, Textbook Sales Are About Making Money

  1. We need undercover on how our elected were bribed, threatened or plain out sold our kids with ESSA. Who REALLY wrote ESSA and when? Too many things in ESSA are things we have seen states start implementing a year ago. This week in TN during a dog and pony show given to a joint education group they were told TN would not need to pass any new legislation in order to adhere to ESSA. That is no coincidence.

    1. Hi Karen, Let’s be hopeful that more videos are on the way. We never know what Project Veritas has in-store for under cover video release(the P.P. videos opened many eye’s). Keeping my fingers crossed that this is just the tip of the iceberg and the full scope of Federal/State corruption involvement will be exposed as well. Maybe the new ESSA bill(?) that Obama signed last month is the reason these videos are being released now.

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