Adult Educators Are Concerned About the Common Core as Well

A perspective we don’t often consider is how the Common Core impacts adult education, in particular those who are seeking their GED.  NPR reports how adult educators are concerned by the move to change the GED to incorporate the Common Core.

“Rumor is that it’s going to be much harder,” says Dawn Grage, who has been teaching GED classes in Indiana’s prisons for more than 20 years. “A lot of these guys have enough struggles getting through the current GED. And if it makes it harder and with computers, the older gentlemen … there are some guys who have never touched a computer.”

Many educators say the test was in need of an update. The current GED test is the same one students were taking over a decade ago. But GED teachers also worry their students will have trouble passing the new test, which will be totally computerized, incorporate higher level literacy and math skills, and cost students $120 rather than $70.

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