Add This To The ‘This Is Not Common Core’ File

I read a piece this week from PJ Media that contributes to muddying our opposition to Common Core. The article by Megan Fox was titled “Common Core Rape-Themed Assignment for Biology Confuses Parents.”

Here’s an excerpt:

A 9th-grade assignment at a Mississippi high school is causing concern and disgust among parents. A mother recently posted her student’s assignment to Facebook in a special group that was created for the growing discontent parents feel toward public school education — “Inappropriate Common Core Lessons.” This particular assignment asked 14-year-old students to determine the identity of a fictional rapist based on sperm DNA….

Not surprisingly, parents were not amused. The mother who posted the assignment reported that the teacher did not require the students to complete it — and parents were grateful for that — but she was still disturbed by the content in the “teaching” material. Common Core has long been hated by parents and teachers alike, not only for its inappropriate content but for the convoluted math techniques that serve only to frustrate students and parents.

Here is a picture of the assignment:

I really, really, really hate to defend Common Core. There is nothing about this assignment that screams “Common Core.”

  1. It is biology lesson – The Common Core State Standards are standards for math and ELA. There are literacy standards for science, but those would not impact lessons like these.
  2. You can’t even blame this on the Next Generation Science Standards since Mississippi has not adopted them.
  3. Neither set of standards mandate an assignment like this.

Stories like this make for good click-bait, but they promote misinformation. It is vitally important that we communicate the truth. We call out Common Core advocates all of the time for false information and disingenuous talking points. We need to call out misinformation on our side as well. Stories like these will stir up anger, but they end up being used as ammunition against us when we seek change from policymakers. These stories are used to paint Common Core opponents as ignorant.

It needs to stop. Be forceful in your opposition, but speak the truth. This story is utterly false and irresponsible.

6 thoughts on “Add This To The ‘This Is Not Common Core’ File

  1. The truth of the matter is that an awful lot of school papers are coming home with Common Core printed on the page. Not just for math, but for other classes as well. Pearson was recently chastised for a chapter in a nursing manual about pain management across different ethnicities. Is Pearson not Common Core aligned? What are parents to think? My son is getting SEL (growth mindset homework/classwork) from Algebra class…it doesn’t say CC. but the rest of his assignments that are actually fake Algebra come home saying Common Core. My daughter’s history teacher last year (9th grade) shut the door and told me that everything they are doing is Common Core. What are parents to do?..but at least the parents are smart enough to know that something isn’t right.

  2. Have you ever read the Sexuality Standards? They were written by multiple Leftist groups. No state will ever formally adopt them but you can bet your life they are already being integrated into the curriculum materials, reading lists and surveys.

    Do you think all of this sexualization of children starting in Kindergarten or earlier is just a coincidence? If you think Common Core is just about standards in Reading and Math, you are wilfully blind.

    I will not be shamed into silence on this issue.

  3. This example of placing sexual content into school materials is illustrative.
    The question is written in a manner which engages the students in a sexual assault scenario. Instead of personalizing the rape of “Suzy” it could have been written ike this:
    “Below are 3 samples of DNA. Which one matches the example?”
    This would have accomplished the objective of teaching Science without the titillation and shock value of Suzy in the alley being raped.

    America’s children are being systematically sexualized as well as being desensitized to violence. If this were an isolated incident, then it could safely be ignored, however, we all know that it is not.

  4. Common Core, at the moment, is bad stuff. But it has always had the potential to become extremely bad stuff.

    For a long while now, the great debate has been about various lessons and approaches that have emerged. Are they or are they not Common Core sanctioned? I used to think that was a valid question. Not any more.

    The very sponsors of Common Core hardly seem to mind these curriculum excursions into absurdity … such as rewriting American history to coalesce with the current pc mindset. They’re barely shivered by stomach-churning developments in sex education … for the littlest of students … who are now exposed to startling information and vividly detailed sexual escapades … all under the guise of healthy living.

    They seem soothed by the politically charged alterations to historical documents and events … provided they tumble to the left of center.

    Anyone and everyone seems welcomed in the Common Core tent of the macabre. They never discourage a soul … even among the most disturbing.

    If you’re up for skewering America and her history, hop on board. Inclined toward seedy sexual stuff? Welcome home! In favor of bashing oil or coal production … or sanctifying every tree and bog and swamp? There’s a slot for you in the new school mayhem.

    Anyone with a beef gets a big plate at the school buffet of all-you-can-eat nonsense.

    Got a beef against the military? Scribble out a unit or a lesson package. You’re in.

    Got hang-ups about climate change or homosexual marriages? Fire away.

    Got a bug up your nose about Christianity? Punch out a screed about fanatics and zealots and it’ll find is way into the schools … and into your child’s head.

    The point?

    Common Core has given educational cover for a slender minority to pollute the education environment with any ideology whatsoever … and it provides those points of view with a certain legitimacy. And a captive audience.

    That minority insists that America must be altered, changed, renovated, rejuvenated, redirected … and most especially … cured. But only if those cures pass a certain muster.

    They insist that America needs to be shamed … made to appear as sinful as any other on the planet.

    It’s time to silence those who think this is an exceptional nation because … because it makes us standout a bit too much from the rest of the miserable world. And we can’t have that. No, siree.

    We’re even head-bashed into sympathizing with the new medievalists … those Islamists currently on head-collecting missions in the sands of the Middle East … who will one day rocket us into a modern armageddon of real life-or-death preservation.

    It now seems wiser to “understand” our enemies than to question them. It’s now more noble to search for the vomit-inducing “root cause” of their bloody neo-medievalism. History is chock-full of dumb-ass mistakes like that.

    In schools today, espousing contrarian points of view will get you tattooed as a racist, a xenophile, a homophobe, a sexist, a capitalist-pig, a neanderthal … or a sick conservative.

    The flood-gates are wide-open for every miscreant to bitch and set the record unstraight … because that’s part and parcel of the New Nonsense.

    A horde of whorey intellectuals is determined to retool this nation into a supplicating, value-free, nonjudgmental mess.

    Hoping for us to become another miserable nation … like most of the other countries on this planet.

    Denis Ian

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