Active Utah Mom Asks, “How Did I Miss Common Core?” (Video)

Alyson Williams, a mom from Utah, said that she was incredibly active in her child’s education and yet she didn’t even hear about Common Core until a letter came home from school.  She explains in this video how urgent it is for parents to get involved.

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3 thoughts on “Active Utah Mom Asks, “How Did I Miss Common Core?” (Video)

    1. I think she got the letter before it was implemented and showing up in the curriculum.

  1. In our school, in NY state, we had parts of cc for at least two years before parents were told about it, We noticed changes in the behavior of my grandson, we saw he was under stress but never thought it was his school work. At an open house the principal told parents about common core, he told us NOT to believe what we read about it on the internet, and he showed a math problem to the audience. The math was insane and the same was coming home as homework. So I started digging into common core and have been fighting to stop it for two years. Along with thousands of parents and teachers who know what it is and who is pushing it. I urge all parents to investigate common core and follow the money. Join a stop common core group in your state and refuse the assessment tests. Your children have a right to a good education that you agree with , common core is just a mess, and if you look into it you will see why we are trying to stop it. My grandson had “test prep” questions coming home in kindergarten, and though he is passing he is not really learning. Please investigate common core and make up your own minds. The truth is there, please find it. Famous words form Bill Gates. a common core supporter, he said it is an experiment and we won’t know for years, yes he said years, if it will even work. Your children are not lab rats we must stop this.

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