A Mandate to Repeal Common Core in Arizona?

The Arizona State Superintendent of Public Instruction-Elect Diane Douglas says that her victory last Tuesday is a mandate to repeal Common Core.

The Associated Press via The Arizona Daily Star reports:

Arizona’s next Superintendent of Public Instruction says her victory is a mandate to end new school standards known as Common Core.

Diane Douglas says news coverage that painted her as a one-issue candidate focused on ending Common Core means that’s what voters knew about her when they cast their ballots.

The Republican says she faced an onslaught of outside spending yet still emerged victorious because “voters do not want Common Core in Arizona.”

Douglas’ Monday statement comes a day after The Associated Press determined she had won a close race against Democrat David Garcia.

She makes a great point, but she’s not going to be able to do it by herself as her office has limitations in that regard.  She will have a lot of sway over testing however.  She certainly has a bully pulpit.  Also this victory and her primary victory ousting the current pro-Common Core superintendent should send a clear message to the Arizona Legislature and Governor-Elect Doug Ducey what the voters want.

Ducey has expressed opposition to the Common Core, but we’ll see where he stands when the rubber meets the road.

“Educational standards are an important and necessary tool to ensure Arizona’s schools are properly educating our students. However, I believe we can do better than the standards currently tied to funding from the federal government. Ideally, such standards should come from the state itself and not be imposed top-down from Washington. The federal government’s recent track record on important issues (health care, spending, budgets, and border security, to name a few) has been dismal.

“But standards are only part of the school reform equation. Other issues – like parental choice, merit pay for teachers, increased authority for principals, and fixed funding formulas – are equally as important. With two of the top five schools in the nation and the best options for school choice, its clear Arizona knows how to educate a child. The key is replicating that kind of success statewide with options that prepare our students for the future.”