800 Attend Common Core Forum in SW Louisiana

KPEL 96.5 FM in Louisiana reports that approximately 800 residents attended a Common Core forum held at Sam Houston High School in Calcasieu Parish.

The meeting was attended by Calcasieu Parish School System officials, as well as Board of Elementary of Secondary Education members and members of the area’s legislative delegation.

State. Rep. Brett Geymann, who helped organize the town hall, said parents and teachers are increasingly frustrated with the standards, especially with the “fuzzy math.” In many cases, teachers are having to teach both the Common Core method and the traditional method.

“We had moms and dads coming to the floor and just saying…they’re up late into the night with their second-grader doing homework,” Geymann. “Now that’s just ridiculous.”

Geymann said parents and teachers are upset they were not consulted during the decision making process to implement the standards in Louisiana, and they’re just as upset that legislators did nothing to dismantle the standards during the last legislative session.

“[Parents] looked us in they eye and said we’re holding you accountable because you are the ones that are putting this on our family and we don’t like it and we want to know why we were left out,” Geymann said.

As far as what to do next, Geymann said opposition to the Common Core must start at the grassroots level.

It would seem they are off to a good start with grassroots organizing.  Now I’d love to see Common Core advocates pull off a meeting with 800 supporters in any particular region.  I doubt they could pull it off.