18-Year-Old Wins School Board Election Campaigning Against Common Core

Nick-Hladick18-year-old Nick Hladick just graduated from Montgomery High School in May.  This fall he is a freshman at George Washington University in Washington, DC.  He is now a new member of the Montgomery County School Board.

Gateway Pundit points out that Hladick was the top vote getter.  He beat incumbents Shalini Bhargava (1427 votes) and Sandra Donnay (1594 votes) as well as newcomers Ramesh Durvasula (1126 votes) and Dharmesh Doshi (1692 votes).

Hladick told Jim Hoft that in his campaign he emphasized:

  • returning to fiscal responsibility by cutting wasteful spending from the annual budget
  • evaluating teachers more fairly by adding more evaluations by administrators; and including evaluations by teachers, parents, and students so that Montgomery only keeps the best teachers and measures are taken to improve under-performing teachers.
  • expanding educational opportunity for high school students so that they can learn valuable life skills such as interviewing for a job, writing a resume, and other life applications. Part of this includes an internship for credit program which would give students the option to get an internship in the community and use the experience as credit in substitution of an elective class.
  • engaging students, parents, and other members of the community in Board of Education decisions by forming specialized committees that include board members, parents, students, and other community members, that would help guide the Board in its votes on important decisions.
  • rejecting Common Core curriculum so that Montgomery Schools is able to maintain its nationally recognized standard of education without the intervention of the federal government.

Congratulations to this young man.

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  1. The greatest social battle for our nation is NOT Congress and the Presidency. It’s the local school boards, city councils, and state legislatures.

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