WV School Holds Assembly for Students Wanting to Opt-Out of Smarter Balanced

SVHS2Last week many parents at the Spring Valley High School on the outskirts of Huntington, WV submitted opt-out forms for the coming Smarter Balanced Assessment.  The school administration held an assembly for the students who wanted to opt-out telling them they were not allowed to.  The assembly lasted over an hour.

Eddie Stamper, a junior at the school, and State Delegates Mike Folk and Pat McGeehan were interviewed by local radio personality Tom Roten about Smarter Balanced, the opt-out movement, and the assembly.

Stamper audio recorded the event and posted a “highlights reel” of the event.  You can listen here or below.

We encourage you to check out our opt-out info.  Remember while it is true most states do not have opt out provisions in the law that does not mean the law requires every student to participate in state assessments.

7 thoughts on “WV School Holds Assembly for Students Wanting to Opt-Out of Smarter Balanced

  1. Debate, argue & protest ALL you want. NOTHING gets done. All people are children in the governments eyes. They give you the necessary pacifiers to keep you compliant and obedient. Docile little sheep. Insanity. When will you people ALL people realize that voting, debating and protesting gets you NOWHERE… For every ONE success story you can find of an actual unconstitutional law REPEALED, I’ll find you 100 unconstitutional laws passed…. SO what’s going to change???… Zzzzz nothing, go back to sleep and wait to be told what to do… If those you yield power & authority too don’t feel threatened or fear, they will continue to do as they please…

  2. What is the point of even wanting to opt-out? The test simply regards the education of the individual, so that it knows what criteria the individual has actually learned. That being the case, why is everyone so belligerent in not wanting to take a test that doesn’t get a grade, and isn’t actually possible to “fail”, because its not even really a test that one can “pass”. I think that all of these students that don’t want it, or parents that don’t want their children to take it, are honestly just ignorant of the knowledge that these tests are for their own good. The only reason these tests exist are to see what the individual and school as a whole has accomplished on a scale of teaching and receiving information. Without these tests how are the higher ups supposed to know what to try to improve on, or make better for the future generations, or for the generations held back? Just some food for thought.

    1. Actually, if you don’t get a certain score or higher in high school you could quite possibly be placed in remedial classes and also have to do a project as a senior to make up for failing. Many many students I have come across are trying to opt out of it. This also isn’t an average test. They’ve made it to where you can’t even have a calculator on most math questions. Every student I have talked to doesn’t even know how to set up these problems to be solved, let alone solve them without a calculator. In addition to this, for juniors the testing period is 6 days long for the first 3 hours of the day every day. Students don’t have their first 3 periods for a week and a half, which for me personally had made it impossible to bring any of those grades up. Midterms come out Friday and I haven’t had a chance to even talk to those teachers to help me bring the grades up. All my other classes are straight A’s. Sophomores and freshmen have a longer testing period because they have an additional test to the math and English. So they won’t have their first 3 classes for 2 weeks. These tests are only for the benefit of the school and state. Even if it didn’t count, it’s still stressful enough because right after these tests are done we go right into AP testing, finals, and some even take he ACT right after that. But since the standardize tests do count, this adds to a whole new level of stress to the student. In my opinion, students should actually get paid to do these tests. All they do is give the students stress and bad grades yet will benefit the school and state.

    2. The test information is shared… and shared… and shared… it is given to groups, corporation, educational institutions, by one or another of them. This despite the deception being fed to us that it is confidential and individuals will not be identified. This is the same stuff being fed to us as the roll out that is was “developed by local parents, educators and stakeholders.” Out right lies as Achieve Inc has now admitted to developing Common Core. Do not be one of the citizens described buy Dr. John Gruber of MIT who wrote Obamacare. For over 3 years, he lectured to his students how his Progressives lie to and deceive the people to get things passed, because they are too stupid to see. Not just Obamacare… Benghazi, IRS, NSA, Fast and Furious, and just about any time they open their mouths. They count on their support base of stupid citizens to accept everything they say.

  3. Ian Dean,
    You assume that these so called higher ups have special knowledge that they just might share with the rest of us if they have enough test data. People are upset because common core is a backdoor attempt to nationalize education. Nationalized tests, such as these, have not been proven to be educationally valid and reliable and they subject students to unnecessary testing bias. Education, according to the constitution, is supposed to be a state issue, run by the states. The powers that be are throwing money at the states to force compliance with the higher ups wishes. Did you ever hear of local control and teachers are the professionals. Years ago, communities hired their own teachers and fired them when they were not pleased with them. Local communities should have a very large say in what happens with their children. Teachers should be the higher ups you defer to when trying to decide which direction the curriculum should go.Teachers are the point of contact with students in the educational system. Teachers are not consulted on a plethora of educational issues that they should be consulted on. Take medicine for example. Doctors are the professionals you trust when you want a medically valid opinion. They are the point of contact in the medical field between medicine and patients. Yet, you are willing to throw teachers under the bus in favor of the higher ups opinion. You would no more allow a hospital administrator to make medical decisions for you than you would the average politician. However, teachers are a different matter. They are not professionals, the educational and political elite know better. Here’s a thought for you. Let’s let our teachers be the professionals in our school system and let the higher ups support them. Let’s give control back to local communities who in consultation with their teachers, decide what is best for their children. Finally, let’s get Washington DC’s finger out of the educational pie. Just some food for your thoughts.

  4. Here is a form that can be used to opt out if you desire to keep your child’s information private.

    SBAC Test Opt Out 2014-2015

    School Name:_____________________________________________________________

    As the parent/ legal guardian of _________________________________________(child’s full name), I respectfully and formally request my child not to be administered any SBAC tests in English/Language Arts and Mathematics.

    I understand my request may have negative consequences for my child’s school. These consequences include, but are not limited to, annual school accountability and decisions made regarding allocation of resources based on annual school performance ratings.

    Child’s name___________________________________________________ Grade Level_________

    Parent/Guardian Name____________________________________________________(Please Print)

    Parent/Guardian Signature______________________________________________Date__________

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