Under Common Core SAT Scores Are Down

satIt isn’t just ACT scores that are not improving under Common Core, but SAT scores as well.

Education Week reports:

On average, high school graduates in the class of 2015 scored 1490 on the SAT, down from 1497 last year and the lowest performance since the 2,400-point scale was developed nearly a decade ago.

The College Board released the latest figures on Thursday showing achievement down from 2015 to 2014 in all three subjects—dropping from 497 to 495 in critical reading, 513 to 511 in mathematics, and 487 to 484 in writing. That’s all on an 800-point scale.

“Small changes in mean scores in either direction really shouldn’t be over-interpreted,” Cyndie Schmeiser, the chief of assessment for the New York-based organization that administers the SAT, said in a phone interview.

The bottom line in the results, maintained Schmeiser, is the percentage of students who are graduating high school ready for college—41.9 percent this year, according to the College Board’s benchmark—a figure that hasn’t increased in the past five years.

College Board and Common Core advocates can spin this all they like.  They promised college readiness and since 2012 the SAT shows we are going the opposite direction as this infogram from Education Week shows.