U.S. Department of Education Still Hasn’t Approved Utah SBAC Withdrawal

The Utah State Board of Education voted to leave the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) back in early August.  As a refresher here is the exit process dictated by the SBAC governance document:

  1. A state requesting an exit from the Consortium must submit in writing its reasons for the exit request,
  2. The written explanation must include the statutory or policy reasons for the exit,
  3. The written request must be submitted to the Project Management Partner with the same signatures as required for the Consortium MOU,
  4. The Executive Committee will act upon the request within a week of the request, and
  5. Upon approval of the request, the Project Management Partner will then submit a change of membership to the USED for approval. (emphasis mine)

Sources in Utah tell me that they are still waiting on approval by the U.S. Department of Education.  What’s taking so long?  What happens if they say no?  Will there be some sort of penalty?  Utah was turned down for Race to the Top funds, but they did receive a NCLB waiver.  Could that be in jeopardy?

Update: Karen Effrem of Education Liberty Watch reminded me of this straight forward point… why should they have to approve at all?  Very true, they shouldn’t.  Unfortunately I don’t see Utah’s Governor pulling the nullification card on the DOE.

3 thoughts on “U.S. Department of Education Still Hasn’t Approved Utah SBAC Withdrawal

  1. It is a technicality but a technicality that proves a point. I was told in a letter from an Associate Superintendent at the Utah State Office of Education that

    “#5 below is the responsibility of SBAC. ”

    Judy W. Park, Ed.D.
    Utah State Office of Education
    Associate Superintendent

    Student Services and Federal Programs

    We have lost control of our assessments and given the ultimate power away. It is ridiculous!

  2. & I might add. We agreed to the terms of the contract when we raced for the money. Those in authority chose to give away our State Sovereignty.

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