Teacher Apologizes to Her Students Over Standardized Testing

Angela Morales is a teacher in Central Florida (in Orlando I believe, but I’m not certain) who blogs at Teacher Teacher Diaries. Recently she states in a video on YouTube that she had to justify for her school principal who she did not have her students in front of a computer screen more. She then read for her students a poem she had written that apologizes to them for the cookie cutter process that education has become and for the standardized testing they are subjected to. You can read the poem here, and watch below.


She wrote in her description of the video:

This video and poem is protected by my first amendment rights. This is a general statement, and I believe I speak for many teachers. When I say students, I mean students in general who are part of a system in which teachers and students must comply. I give a quick anecdote as being “brought into the principal’s office” to show that even administration must comply with numbers. I address the others as the lawmakers who run education and don’t understand what is happening across American classrooms on a daily basis. We need change. Open your eyes, ears, and hearts…and listen to the educators.

HT: The Education Action Network

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