Students Want College Board to Rescore June SAT Results

After David Coleman took the helm of The College Board it just seems like they’ve had one controversy after another whether it is the revamping of the SAT or problems with their AP U.S. History and World History Frameworks, they keep having problems.

Now students are protesting the scoring from June’s SAT results.

The News & Observer reports:

Many students who took the SAT exam in June were surprised Wednesday to get back results that they thought were inaccurate because the score was lower than they thought. The College Board, which administers the SAT, told students that because versions of the exam given on different dates are easier than others, they use a statistical process called “equating” to grade the answers on a curve.

“Equating makes sure that a score for a test taken on one date is equivalent to a score from another date,” the College Board tweeted Thursday morning. “So, for example, a single incorrect answer on one administration could equal two or three incorrect answers on a more difficult version. The equating process ensures fairness for all students.”

The College Board’s response didn’t satisfy families who are using the results as part of the college application process. Students and parents took their complaints to social media with the hashtag #rescoreJuneSAT picking up momentum on Twitter.

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They note this comes at a time where the SAT has already lost ground to their rival, ACT.

2 thoughts on “Students Want College Board to Rescore June SAT Results

  1. College Board is a fraud! They are a monopoly and need congressional oversight. I’m tired of kids having to pay big bucks year after year to take AP tests, all for the prize of having a college course waived. In fact, get rid of AP classes altogether. Let kids take honors or regular classes, but no AP. No waiving classes in college. Rich kids’ parents hire companies to train their kids to take the tests in order to get the best scores. Friends of mine spend thousands of dollars and make their kids retake the SAT many times. Are their kids really smarter? The College Board has so much power on high school campuses. Teachers only use curriculum to pass the AP tests. Who gave the College Board the power to decide what kids learn at school? I thought that power was reserved for the elected school board. Why do bogus SAT scores decide who is “qualified” to get into college or not. One test should not decide this, especially when the test itself is riddled with so many issues of fairness. Furthermore, grades shouldn’t decide college entrance either. Why? Take a look at all the 4.0s and up…really? Teachers give away A’s, compared to years ago when students had to be exceptional. Students should keep portfolios of their best writing, reports, tests and other more reliable measures. They should go back to writing entrance essays and be expected to take interviews with college staff. It should be structured like a job interview. What employer would hire anyone based on a test score and not an interview? Too bad for expensive colleges if they have to work harder to select their students. Right now a computer program decides (based on SAT and grades) who is in or out. Make them work for the large tuition they charge.

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