So Much for Commonality

Students in Computer Lab --- Image by © Royalty-Free/CorbisI just wanted to highlight yet another Common Core failure.  When different states define “proficient” differently it makes it extremely difficult to compare states, even those who belong in the same assessment consortia.

We were told Common Core was supposed to take care of all of that.  Not so much.

The New York Times reports:

Last month, state officials releasing an early batch of test scores declared that two-thirds of students at most grade levels were proficient on reading and math tests given last spring under the new Common Core requirements.

Yet similar scores on the same tests meant something quite different in Illinois, where education officials said only about a third of students were on track. And in Massachusetts, typically one of the strongest academic performers, the state said about half of the students who took the same tests as Ohio’s children met expectations.

It all came down to the different labels each state used to describe the exact same scores on the same tests.