Scott Walker Removes Smarter Balanced from Wisconsin’s Budget

Walker gives inauguration address.
Walker gives inauguration address.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in his budget address on Tuesday said that he removed funding for Smarter Balanced in his proposed budget.

He said, “..our budget removes funding for the Smarter Balanced test, which is connected to Common Core.  We also include legal language making it clear that no school district in the state has to use these standards, which are set by people from outside the state.”

“I want high standards—and those decisions should be made by school board members and parents and others at the local level,” Walker added.

Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers had plenty to say about Walker’s budget proposal for education, but did not address Smarter Balanced.

It is unclear what assessment grades 3-8 will use for ELA and mathematics.  Under the Wisconsin Student Assessment System 11 grade students take the ACT.  Students in 9th and 10th grade take the ACT Aspire assessment.

There has been concern about how effective a local opt-out strategy will be if Wisconsin used Smarter Balanced.  Defunding Smarter Balanced to force a different assessment would give districts more leverage to say no to the standards provided the Wisconsin Legislature doesn’t add the funding back in.

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  1. Watch out people because many are brining in companies with a different name but behind the curtain they are PARCC or Smarter Balance. In TN we got rid of PARCC and our slick willie Governor hired Measurement Inc telling the people of TN he hired an independent company to write our standards. Well guess what? MI contracts with AIR/Smarter Balance. AIR also went to Utah and leased their CC aligned SAGE assessment questions for TN, FL and AZ. TN will pay $2.34 million per year for 3 years. So PLEASE don’t trust any of them. Do your home work and call them out when they again try to deceive the public.

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