Breaking News: Utah State Board of Education Votes to Pull Out of SBAC

The Utah State Board of Education’s meeting today had common core testing on the agenda.  Sources tell me that the Board has voted to pull out of their testing consortium – the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC).  SBAC had received Race to the Top funding in order to provide assessments based on the Common Core State Standards.

Their governance document says any state wanting to leave the consortium can do so without cause, but they must comply with the following exit process:

1. A state requesting an exit from the Consortium must submit in writing its reasons for the exit request,

2. The written explanation must include the statutory or policy reasons for the exit,

3. The written request must be submitted to the Project Management Partner with the same signatures as required for the Consortium MOU,

4. The Executive Committee will act upon the request within a week of the request, and

5. Upon approval of the request, the Project Management Partner will then submit a change of membership to the USED for approval. (emphasis mine)

My question is what kind of approval is needed?  Is this just a formality or can the U.S. Department of Education deny a state from exiting SBAC?  We’ll have to wait and see.

Update: I was told that the measure to withdraw from SBAC was 12-3 in favor.  In February the measure to withdraw failed on a 4-10 vote.

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