SAT Delaying Redesign

sat-answer-sheetJust an FYI, the College Board is delaying the redesign of the SAT exam that would further align it to the Common Core, from Inside Higher Ed:

A brief statement released by the College Board’s press office said that "this change in the timing of the redesign will serve our members in higher education by providing two years to plan for the redesigned exam and it will allow students to take the revised PSAT/NMSQT before the revised SAT. Our goal is to deliver an assessment system that is focused, useful and clear. Member input will continue to be integral to this work and we look forward to sharing additional information regarding the revision of our exams in the spring." (The new PSAT will start in 2015.)

In an email sent to high school guidance counselors, David Coleman, the president of the College Board, said: "We heard clearly from our members — including our Board of Trustees, national and regional councils, the SAT committee, attendees at our national forum, and particularly those in higher education — that you need more time, and we listened."

A short reprieve.