Rick Scott Pulls Florida Out of PARCC

220px-Rick_Scott_official_portraitGovernor Rick Scott (R-FL) announced today that he is ordering Florida to withdraw from PARCC.    He is also ordering that public comment sessions to be held in order to receive input on any alterations that should be made to the Common Core State Standards.  He is also ordering a data security review and ordering the Commissioner of Education to develop policies that safeguards student data.

Governor Scott in a released statement said:

We listened to many people who are passionate about making Florida’s education system the best in the world during our Education Summit in Tampa a few weeks ago. The summit’s discussions were so robust and diverse that they have led to three actions today. First, I sent a letter to Chairman Chartrand outlining a six-step course forward for Florida to ensure we continue to hold our students to high education standards. Excellence in education begins with high expectations for our students. Second, I told the federal government we are rejecting their overreach into our state education system by withdrawing from PARCC. Last, I issued an executive order to address state assessments, ensure student data security and support a transparent and understandable school accountability system.

While the debate surrounding Common Core Standards has become polarized into a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ discussion, we heard during the Education Summit that most education leaders agreed on two things. We agree that we should say ‘yes’ to high standards for Florida students and ‘no’ to the federal government’s overreach into our education system. Therefore, I notified the federal government that Florida would be withdrawing from PARCC, and at the same time we will hold public comment sessions to receive input on any alterations that should be made to the current Common Core Standards. We are committed to maintaining high standards for our students. Period. The six steps outlined to the Board of Education will help Florida move forward in maintaining exceptionally high standards while removing federal intrusion into our education system.

You can read his executive order below:

You can read his letter to Chairman Chartrand here and his letter to U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan here.

8 thoughts on “Rick Scott Pulls Florida Out of PARCC

      1. Didn’t they receive a ton of money from the Fed to adopt CC that would have to be paid back?

        1. They were the administrative body for PARCC, but that money didn’t go directly to them. They did receive a Race to the Top grant. Since they are not getting rid of the standards per se and they will be developing their own assessments; I doubt they will have to pay it back.

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