Parents Demand NY Attorney General Investigate Common Core Tests

Rochester, NY: Parents of school age children are deeply troubled over the validity of the recently administered Grades 3-8 Common Core English Language Arts and Math Assessments. Their concern did not end with the explosive test refusal movement that saw hundreds of thousands of parents refusing the tests on behalf of their children. Parents like Monique Armann of Long Island were “shocked by the content and length of the tests” while other parents question the secrecy surrounding what is supposed to be a helpful assessment which oddly no one can see or discuss. Many feel the strong arm tactics of Albany education bureaucrats concerning the tests is akin to bullying. Now that a bright light has been shined upon highly disruptive education reforms throughout New York , they have quickly moved to generate a petition demanding an independent investigation into the validity of the tests. They’ve brought their concerns straight to the state’s top law enforcer bypassing the state Education Department and even the Regents.

The fact that parents would go directly to the Attorney general might seem bizarre or out of line to some but there’s good reason for that decision. Last year parent advocate Anna Shah-Bomba filed a freedom of information request to have an internal independent review of 2014 tests performed by the state education department released to parents. It was not and has not as of this moment been released. A deadline was provided by the state in accordance with requirement of the law, yet has not been complied with as the deadline has long since passed.

Parents have been left with no choice in trying to do due diligence in directing the education of their children in this very unresponsive environment created by the state education department as well as the Regents. Recently Governor Cuomo stated that ”the tests were meaningless” when asked to comment on the burgeoning refusal movement. Parents are left to ask “If these tests are so meaningless why are they dominating their children’s time in school? Why have reports come in as to the age inappropriateness of the tests? What actual value do these tests hold for their individual children? Why are they making their children’s test scores responsible for their teachers employment? And lastly why on earth are they being stonewalled by the education bureaucracy?

Parents have decided enough is enough and they want answers and will not be settling for no.

Read the petition cover letter and petition signatories.

About Us: This press release represents over 60 parent led advocacy groups across New York State including Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, The Capital Region, The North Country , The Southern Tier, Hudson Valley, New York City and Long Island. These groups comprise tens of thousands of concerned parents who have been seeking solutions to the states failed reform efforts for several years. Support for this petition’s intentions has also been secured from local and state legislators.