PARCC to Shorten Test

no-parcc-ingIt’s still likely to be a disaster next year, but at least your students (if you live in a state that has implemented PARCC) will spend 90 minutes less time taking the PARCC assessment next year they’ll also take it in just one testing period.

That’s provided they don’t have technical difficulties that won’t cause delays.  I wouldn’t hold my breath that they will be glitch-free.

Anyway, don’t overwhelm me with your excitement…. It’s still a crap sandwich, but it is a crap sandwich that will take less time to eat.  Enjoy.

The Washington Post reports:

The Common Core-aligned tests that were given in 11 states and the District this spring will be approximately 90 minutes shorter next year, a change that comes after parents, teachers and school administrators expressed frustration with the amount of time devoted to the new exams.

The governing board of the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Career (PARCC) tests voted Wednesday to shorten the tests. The board, which is composed of state superintendents, also voted to administer the exams during one 30-day testing window close to the end of the school year.

This year, the tests were split between two testing periods, one in early spring and one in late spring. Many teachers and parents said that testing twice was more disruptive to children’s regular classroom instruction.

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