PARCC CEO: Quality Assessments Part of Instruction

File this news under the “we told you so.”

PARCC issued a press release to announce they are going to reduce the number of passages and items on the ELA/Literacy section of their test.  This follows the initial review done by several of “PARCC state experts.”  The outline the changes, but the most interesting part of the press release is the statement made by their CEO Laura Slover.

“High quality assessments go hand-in-hand with high quality instruction based, on high quality standards,” said Laura Slover, the Chief Executive Officer of the PARCC nonprofit. “You cannot have one without the other. The PARCC states see quality assessments as a part of instruction, not a break from instruction.”

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s office, whose executive order to remove Louisiana from PARCC was recently blocked by a district court judge, released a statement of their own responding to this news.

“The proponents of Common Core and PARCC continue to insist that tests and standards are not about curriculum, but that’s a ruse. Teachers already know that what is tested at the end of the year is what is taught in classrooms throughout the year. PARCC may not mandate one textbook or one pacing guide, but the CEO of the federally funded PARCC has admitted one thing: PARCC controls instruction and instruction is curriculum,” his office stated.

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