Over 30,000 Students Refuse New York Common Core Assessments

c62a06a85840441e9c0ab966a102752cAs of 12:05 (EDT) on April 3rd 30,458 students have opted out of the Common Core-Aligned assessments being administered this week.  You can see the spreadsheet here.


There is a network of volunteers who are tracking parents reports that they had opted their children out of the assessment.  According to Joy Pullmann there are 31 10 parents who are working to keep tabs on the number of opt-outs on the group spreadsheet I referred to above.

Looking through the spreadsheet it doesn’t appear that New York City Schools is included in that number so I don’t believe they are done counting.  Expect that number to go higher.

Pullmann also pointed out that according to NY1, the number of kids opting-out in New York City was 320 in 2013.  So just a *few* more this year.

Update: Heard back from one of the Stop Common Core leaders in New York, Yvonne Gasperino, she said they are still trying to secure New York City numbers.  So far, as of 1:15p (EDT), there were 30,793 opt-outs for 423 school districts.

2nd Update: There are 10 volunteers editing the spreadsheet, not 31.  Below is a statement from Yvonne Gasperino about the process.

The numbers are a collaboration between several grassroots groups throughout New York State. This is all social media driven by parents.  There was a call out among parents to start reporting on the confirmed number of test refusals across the state.  Loy Gross from the Western New York area created the spreadsheet and worked with several parents from other groups on accumulating the confirmed test refusals from parents on the ground.  Figures were then aggregated through ten parents who have direct editing access to the spreadsheet and input the numbers as they were being reported from parents across the school districts.

As of 4/4/14 at 3:28p they have 30,899 recorded.

Here is an interesting story from Western New York:

What had been a small but growing parent protest movement against state standardized tests a year ago appeared to considerably expand in pockets across Western New York on Tuesday as elementary and middle school students began the first day of the state’s three-day English Language Arts exam.

In West Seneca, 27 percent of the district’s 3,087 children in third through eighth grades had parents who opted out of the reading tests, according to administrators.

In Frontier, parents of about 5 percent of the roughly 2,300 potential test-takers had notified the district as of Monday that they planned to have their children refuse to take the exams.

Frontier interim Superintendent Paul G. Hashem expected the total number to be higher after the district had a final tally later this week.

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