Oregon Drops Smarter Balanced for High School

The number of states using either Smarter Balanced or PARCC as state-wide assessments has dwindled from 45 to 20 states and the District of Columbia. That number doesn’t include states that are just using those assessments for younger grades. Take Oregon as an example, the Oregon Department of Education confirmed that they will no longer use Smarter Balanced for high school students, but will continue to use the assessment for 3rd – 8th-grade students.

The department in a released statement said the change “comes in response to feedback received from stakeholders around the state that the statewide high school assessment should provide a direct benefit to students beyond meeting graduation requirements.”

This change reflects a desire to cut back on assessment time. Also, more states are starting to use ACT and SAT as their statewide assessment for 11th graders. Using a college entrance exam provides more motivation for students to do well.

Education Week noted that Smarter Balanced, seeing this trend, wants to develop a college entrance exam.

Smarter Balanced issued a solicitation in February to see if it could partner with a big testing company—presumably ACT or the College Board—on an assessment that could essentially kill two birds with one stone: It could provide information states could use in accountability reports, and also serve as a college-admissions exam.

Oh goody.

2 thoughts on “Oregon Drops Smarter Balanced for High School

  1. I don’t know what’s more alarming….having SBAC/PARCC as a grad requirement or having SAT/ACT as a grad requirement? Neither group of tests were developed to be used as a grad requirement.

  2. The problem I have seen here in TN and other states is when they drop SBAC or PARCC they hire another company with another name but either SBAC or PARCC are working behind the scenes of the newly hired company. In my opinion no matter what assessment company you hire you will get either SBAC or PARCC. TN got rid of PARCC then hired a company that works with SBAC. I tried to warn our legislators of this and in the end we got the influence of the worst of the two….SBAC. There just doesn’t seem to be any way to get away from SBAC or PARCC. Remember they are the chosen companies by the federal government and have been given a lot of money ($365M) to deliver their product and the associated data. SAT/ACT owned by the enemy. The College Board, President David Coleman. ACT/SAT are both aligned with Common Core. And by using these tests we put more money in the pockets of the enemy. No matter which way we turn the kids get the short end of the stick and the parents are being deceived. What is amazing is how easily parents fall for the lies and deception. Parents really must get informed and stop trusting these people with the future of their children.

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