Ohio Legislature Prohibits Funds for PARCC

ohio-state-flagOhio Governor John Kasich could end up line-item veto on the measure, but the Ohio Legislature sent a budget to the Governor’s desk that defunds PARCC.

The language, found on pg. 334 of the budget document, “prohibits GRF appropriations from being used to purchase an assessment developed by the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) for use as the state elementary and secondary achievement assessments.”

It also prohibits funds from Race to the Top “from being used for any purpose related to the state elementary and secondary achievement assessments.”

Ohio is a governing state with PARCC, and the Common Core-aligned assessment consortium has been bleeding membership and has been plagued with roll-out problems, a high number of students opting out, and received bad PR after admitting it monitors student social media related to the assessment.

The Legislature does require the state to use standardized assessments for elementary and secondary students that are “nationally normed.”

“The PARCC brand name has been so badly damaged that even though people are more comfortable and familiar with it, the anger and the angst over it would still be there and that just wouldn’t be a good environment for things,” said state Education Committee Chairman Peggy Lehner, a Republican, told Politico’s Morning Education.

The budget does not prevent the state from adopting Smarter Balanced however as the consortia no longer uses Race to the Top funds.  Also, the standards are still in place and with the standardized assessment requirement in the budget, as well as, the No Child Left Behind testing mandates it seems unlikely that Ohio will escape the use of some Common Core-aligned assessment whether it is Smarter Balanced, ACT Aspire or one Ohio independently develops.

The good news is that this could put PARCC in a precarious fiscal position.

Kasich is not expected to line-item veto the measures.