Ohio House Strips PARCC Funding from Budget


From Ohioans Against Common Core:

The calls worked! Tonight on the House floor, we witnessed the power of the individual – dedicated to the cause of liberty – bear fruit. Our just days old Action Item has been executed and won. The House voted affirmatively on an amendment to the budget removing the PARCC assessment references.

Education Freedom Ohio gives some background:

According to our sources, Ohio legislators have been wondering what in the heck all of your “Common Core” calls have been about lately; namely because many still don’t know what is, and how their fingerprints are or could be on it…

Some Ohio House members are reportedly taking a very close look at HB 59 (Kasich’s budget) to make sure it doesn’t further entrench Common Core before they fully understand what it is, and hopefully before they walk it back.

Read the rest as they gives some good background on how Ohio adopted the Common Core.

Photo Credit: Jimmy Emerson via Flickr (CC-By-NC-ND 2.0)