North Dakota Assessment Opt-Out Bill Advances

north-dakota-state-flagA Common Core repeal bill unfortunately is off the table in North Dakota this year.  There is a bright spot however.  HB 1283 last month passed the North Dakota House of Representatives on a 74 to 18 vote.  It simply codifies that parents have the right to opt their children out of assessments.

Here is the pertinent language:

1. If a parent directs that a test or an assessment not be administered to a child, as┬ápermitted under sections 15.1 – 21 – 08, 15.1 – 21 – 17, 15.1 – 21 – 18, and 15.1 – 21 – 19, the┬áparent may withhold the child from school during the period of time within which┬ánormal classroom activities are not occurring because of the test or assessment┬áadministration.
2. A child withheld from school under the provisions of subsection 1 is deemed to be in attendance for all purposes under this title.

It also requires parents of minors to be informed of proposed tests and their right to opt-out.

Prior to administering any tests required by this section, the parents of students under┬áthe age of eighteen must be informed of the proposed test and their right to direct that┬áthe test not be administered to their child. This information must be conveyed by┬ámeans of a notice posted on the school district’s website or by any other method┬ádetermined to be appropriate by the board of the school district.

There is similar language for interim assessments, career interest inventories, and summative assessments.  This was passed with an emergency clause so if the bill is signed into law it will go into effect immediately.

The version that passed the House can be read below.  It was heard before the North Dakota Senate Education Committee yesterday.

7 thoughts on “North Dakota Assessment Opt-Out Bill Advances

  1. Thanks for writing this article, Shane. My friend had a suggestion, however: update the flag graphic to include a current North Dakota flag. ­čÖé

    1. If you would send me a copy of the current flag graphic I’d be happy to. When I search for images this is what pops.

    1. Thanks, I’ll pull one down and make sure it’s in my media files for future use.

    2. Ok, this link said the flag was adopted in 1911. It’s the same as the one I have up.

  2. Can anyone explain to me whether this affects the testing required for homeschool students?

    1. Is testing the only option? Can you select which assessment you use? In Iowa pre-Independent Private Instruction we had to select either doing an assessment (which we were able to choose which one we did), a portfolio or a supervisory teacher (which you select). I wish I could tell you for certain, but I’m not familiar with North Dakota homeschooling law.

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