New York City Shouldn’t Get Excited About Its Test Scores

Photo credit: Ephemeral New York
Photo credit: Ephemeral New York

New York City students showed improvement on this year’s Common Core assessment. Susan Edleman with The New York Post said… don’t get too excited.

Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña bragged about an increase in the number of city kids passing the state Common Core tests — but that success may have more to do with the exams being made easier than with any real improvements in learning.

For the third consecutive year, the state has slashed the number of points required to be found “proficient” on the important exams, The Post has learned.

The tests also had fewer questions and the students were given unlimited time to finish — further raising doubts that this year’s rise in passing grades reflects progress.

So don’t let Common Core advocates point to New York City as a sign of progress that Common Core is accomplishing what they promised. There is no evidence that is the case.