New Jersey Student Banned from Party for Opting-Out of PARCC

no-parcc-ingWell here is something from to file away under outrageous.  A 9-year-old student was prevented from participating in a school party at her elementary school in Oldsman Township, NJ because her mom opted her out of PARCC:

During “Untest Afternoon” at one New Jersey elementary school, students played outside, ate cupcakes, drank juice boxes and received prizes, parent Michele Thornton said.

But not Thornton’s nine-year-old daughter.

Thornton says her daughter, a third-grader, was instead sent to the library on Monday because the Oldmans Township School party was only for students who took the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) exams.

“She sees all of her friends out there going to play games and stuff,” Thornton said. “She’s heartbroken.”

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Can we get any more ridiculous?

2 thoughts on “New Jersey Student Banned from Party for Opting-Out of PARCC

  1. Here we have another illustration of what happens when government rolls up its sleeves to “take care” of its citizens. What begins with good intentions, ends up trampling on the very people government intended to help. We would be well advised to remember a wise saying: “That government governs best, which governs least.”
    My heart goes out to this child, and to her mother. Bureaucracy in education, as elsewhere, has no soul — and no mind, either.

  2. This is shocking but not surprising. I can remember when parents in one school system in AL did not sign a petition supporting a tax increase, their children were forbidden to attend an ice cream social, pizza parties, etc. This is bullying and intimidation and might even be considered a form of child abuse.

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