New Jersey, Maryland & Washington Link Common Core Tests to Graduation

Christian Science Monitor had an article last week point to three states: New Jersey, Maryland, and Washington who are forging ahead linking Common Core assessments to graduation.

For those of us who have been watching Common Core implementation we are not surprised by speed bumps that they are encountering:

The challenges being encountered by New Jersey, Maryland, and others point to potential speed bumps along the way.

“Common Core tests are not ready for prime time,” says Robert Schaeffer, public education director for FairTest, the National Center for Fair and Open Testing in Boston.

The goal of the new standards and tests is to improve on abysmal stats like this one: About 40 percent of high school graduates in the UShave to take remedial courses in math or English before they can start earning college credits.

But if schools raise standards without a giving extra support to the most challenged students, high school graduation rates could fall dramatically, according to projections in a 2013 report by the Carnegie Corporation of New York: The rate of students who graduate within six years of starting high school would drop from 85 percent to 70 percent.

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  1. Alaska mandated in HB 278 this past April that in order for a student to receive a diploma, they must take the SAT/ACT/WorkKeys.

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