New Jersey Education Association Runs Anti-PARCC Ads

The New Jersey Education Association launched a six week television and online advertising campaign targeting PARCC.  At the end of each 30 second video viewers are encouraged to go to  These are pretty powerful videos.  A move to delay PARCC’s impact on student progress and teacher evaluations is already underway in the New Jersey Legislature.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports:

With the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) about to be presented to students in grades three through 11 starting March 1, the ads criticize standardized tests as causing stress in children, narrowing education, and taking time and resources from other subjects and programs.

“Parents are fed up, and they’re ready to speak up,” said Wendell Steinhauer, president of the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA). “This ad campaign gives parents and teachers a voice in a debate that’s been dominated for too long by people with no connection to what’s really happening in classrooms today.”

At the end of the 30-second ads, viewers are invited to visit, a website created by the NJEA. It contains information about standardized tests and allows viewers to sample PARCC questions and to download anti-PARCC material.

With parent push-back and the state’s largest teachers union running ads against PARCC it’s future in the state is very much in doubt.

You can watch the ads below.

3 thoughts on “New Jersey Education Association Runs Anti-PARCC Ads

  1. Thank you New Jersey educators for speaking out about the misguided use of standardized testing. I would love to see educators across the country do the same. Enough is enough! What an injustice we are doing to our children! When I hear that some children only receive a half year of science in order to prep for a test, it makes me sick! Local districts should set their own standards. After all, the administrators and teachers, DID receive the education and training to teach our future workforce. How many legislators in any state received the education and training to know what’s best for our children?

  2. Remember the agenda that drives Common Core nationalized one size fits all standards is data collection and the tests are the vehicles that will deliver the data they desperately want on every child and their family. In order to collect the comparable, interoperable data they hunger for they must have standardized national standards. Wake up. It is not just the tests that are bad. The entire system is bad. The solution? There is only one real solution. Shut down the US Dept. of Education.

  3. Go, New Jersey!!! Lorain County, Ohio parents are fighting PARCC (which started this week) and Common Core alone. Lorain County Parents Supporting Our Children and Teachers has a place on Facebook but members are screened. About 600 members so far due to info seminars they started.

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