New Jersey Assembly Votes to Delay PARCC Impact

new-jersey-state-flagThe New Jersey Assembly voted overwhelmingly in favor of A4190 on a 63 to 7 vote with three abstentions.

The bill if passed in the New Jersey Senate and signed into law by Governor Chris Christie would prohibit the New Jersey Department of Education from using the PARCC test to determine a student’s placement in a gifted and talented program, placement in another program or intervention, grade promotion, as the state graduation proficiency test, any other school or district-level decision that affects students, or as a component of any evaluation rubric submitted to the Commissioner of Education for three years beginning in the 2015-2016 school year.

New Jersey Assembly Education Committee Chair Patrick Diegnan, Jr. (D-Middlesex) who is the author of the bill told, “This is not a Democratic bill. This is not a Republican bill. This is not a conservative bill. This is not a liberal bill. This is a bill that really basically puts a time-out on a process of PARCC which is out of control at this particular point.”

PARCC has raised the ire of conservatives, as well as, the state’s largest teachers’ union.

The bill does not withdraw the state from PARCC however, nor does it address the Common Core State Standards which are currently being a reviewed by a commission through an executive order given by Christie.