New Jersey Assembly Blocks PARCC From Being Used in Teacher Evaluations


The New Jersey Assembly voted overwhelmingly to prevent PARCC scores from being used to evaluate teachers The Press of Atlantic City reports:

The state Assembly on Thursday approved a bill that would prohibit the use of student standardized test results as part of teacher or principal evaluations.

The bill passed 52-11-8.

For the past two years the results of the state tests have accounted for 10 percent of teacher evaluations under state Department of Education regulations. Starting this year test results would count for 30 percent of the evaluation.

Approximately 15 percent of New Jersey educators will have PARCC results factored into their evaluations.

That bill sailed through the Assembly Education Committee 11 to 1 earlier this month. It now heads off to the New Jersey Senate.

One thought on “New Jersey Assembly Blocks PARCC From Being Used in Teacher Evaluations

  1. It’s about time we unwind the Gordian knot that drives the testing frenzy. Teachers don’t need to be graded by a student test. That drives teaching to the test and creates a pressure cooker classroom environment. It is inaccurate and unfair to grade teachers on factors way beyond their control. Vendors love it as they make billions and hope to make the teachers into “facilitators.” Do you think you’ll always remember your first grade facilitator? NO, but you sure as heck remember your teachers who inspired you to greatness.

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