Mississippi Hits Snag With Common Core Practice Tests


Mississippi left PARCC after last school year when the Mississippi State Board of Education voted the state out. The Common Core bill that passed out of the legislature activists believed would just lead to a rebrand was vetoed by Governor Phil Bryant so the state was in the position to have to develop a new assessment that was aligned to the Common Core.

It hasn’t gone very well.

WMC Action News 5  reports:

This is the first year schools are supposed to use the tests that were produced by Questar Assessment Inc. after Mississippi PARCC consortium last year….

This year, a teacher noticed the graph on the first question of the Algebra I test she provided to the students did not match the equation. This ruled out all the answer choices. The teacher alerted the Mississippi Department of Education regarding her concerns about problems with the tests. She was provided with another version of the tests, but there were still problems with the new version.

This is also the first year students’ scores will count towards the districts’ accountability grades.

The MDE removed all practice tests from the department’s website on Wednesday.

Oops. With the practice tests pulled gone is the opportunity parents have to have an idea what the assessments will look like.