Maryland Receives Pushback Over PARCC

Maryland students have been taking PARCC, and the state received pushback from students. In response, they are considering shortening the assessment or pushing it earlier in the school year.

Which will probably do absolutely nothing to ease concerns.

A local NBC affiliate reports:

The PARCC tests Maryland has used for the past few years consume a lot of time near the end of the school year, and some students and teachers are not happy with that.

Maryland education officials are considering shortening the test or moving it to earlier in the school calendar

“We worked to get them shorter,” Maryland’s State Superintendent of Schools Karen Salmon said. “We’re looking at having them more integrated into the school schedule rather than be daylong events. And that’s a goal of the governing board I serve on. We talk about it all the time.”

Salmon said the agency received very little feedback about the PARCC tests, but at a public meeting in Baltimore, a group of Prince George’s County high school students asked state officials to scrap the PARCC test or at least shrink it.

“When you have a school that has a lot of lower socioeconomic students issues there is a lot of other concerns, like maybe problems at home, so testing is not their main priority maybe as it is getting good grades and trying to work and helping out their families,” Laurel High School sophomore Yarold Bautista said.

“I took two PARCC tests this year and I’m here to tell you that it’s not working and that it should be eradicated,” Laurel High sophomore Sydney Houston said.

I’m sure we’ll see an exercise in tone deafness ensue.

One thought on “Maryland Receives Pushback Over PARCC

  1. What’s alarming is that MD uses CCRAP Alg I and ELA 10 as grad requirements. A test that is supposed to test the Common Bore curriculum is being used as a grad requirement?…..just wrong. MD is full on Common Bore curriculum and it really shows in what children are learning (or actually NOT learning). We here in MD also have no opt-out law, so parents have to fight to REFUSE the test for their children and refuse we do every year. Governor Hogan was to repeal common bore and CCRAP when he entered office, but that promise never materialized and then he added 2 of his “reformer” friends (Finn & Smarick) to the MSDE further keeping us tied to this testing mess. It’s deplorable.

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