Let’s Do a PARCC Pre-Test for 2nd Graders… Or Not

Carolee Adams, President of the New Jersey Eagle Forum, shared with me that a school in Lake Hopatong, NJ was selected to administer a PARCC diagnostic field test to its 2nd graders.

They were selected, did they have a choice?

Randi De Brito, the principal of the Ellen T. Briggs School wrote in a letter on March 30th sent to parents and guardians that the school’s 2nd graders have been given a “wonderful opportunity.”  She said this opportunity helps to alleviate a concern she has had.

“My concern in the past has always been that our students have never sat for a standardized test prior to taking the state required test in third grade,” De Brito wrote.

De Brito noted that stated purpose is provide information to educators about how well students have learned.  She also states that students and the school will not receive the results.  This begs the question how will educators know if they do not see the results.

Never fear though, these kids have been under Common Core since Kindergarten, DeBrito explained, so she thought they would do just fine.

How reassuring.  In the meantime PARCC refusals are nearing 50,000 in the Garden State.

The students will be taking the test between April 13-17 and each section will take 30 to 40 minutes to complete.

You can read the full letter below.


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