Kentucky Pulls Out of PARCC

Well we can add Kentucky to the list of states who have pulled out of their Common Core assessment consortium.  Education Week reported on Friday that Kentucky Gov. Steven L. Beshear, Education Commissioner Terry Holliday and State Board President Roger L. Marcum sent a letter by email to Mitchell D. Chester, the chairman of PARCC’s governing board saying that they will be putting out a request for propsoal for bids for a new state test.  They did say that PARCC was welcome to submit a bid.

PARCC membership is now down to 18.  This news is interesting in light of Kentucky having problems with the test they developed that was aligned with the Common Core.  Kentucky’s State Board of Education adopted the Common Core prior to their public release and have seen questionable results.  There are currently a couple of different bills being considered by the Kentucky Legislature addressing the Common Core, as well as, a lawsuit in the courts