Kansas Withdraws from Smarter Balanced

The Kansas State Board of Education voted 8-2 to withdraw from the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium opting to commission the University of Kansas to develop a new test instead. The Topeka Capital-Journal reports:

Kansas withdrew Tuesday from a federally funded, state-led initiative to develop tests aligned to the controversial Common Core mathematics and English standards, choosing instead to commission the tests from The University of Kansas.

After hours of in-depth discussion, the Kansas State Board of Education voted 8-2 to walk away from a years-long effort that Kansas played a lead role in — the Smarter Balanced state consortium that is developing Common Core tests with a federal Race to the Top Grant.

The key concern for board members was that the Smarter Balanced tests — once they are finished and ready for schools in 2015 — will be more expensive than commissioning the assessments from KU’s Center for Educational Testing and Evaluation, or CETE.

Update: Kansans Against Common Core said… maybe this just sounds good.  They found KU’s CETE has contracted with West Ed. in the past and guess who’s helped write Smarter Balanced?

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  1. My child came home from school saying that common core hit the art rubric. Now they have to defend their art pieces. Great.

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