HUGE Numbers of Students Opt-Out in New York

New York State FlagIt is being reported this that the number of kids refusing to take Common Core-aligned assessments in New York this spring will far surpass the significant number of students who did so last year.

From the New York Post:

The number of students statewide who balked at taking Tuesday’s English exam for third- to eighth- graders will likely surpass last year’s 60,000.

At the Institute for Collaborative Education on the Lower East Side, 85 percent of the students opted out, according to parents.

At PS 321 in Brooklyn’s Park Slope, parents said 35 percent of the students refused, up from 30 percent last year.

The Business Insider reports:

An anti-Common Core Facebook group called “Long Island Opt Out” has a spreadsheet containing district opt-out numbers. It has calculated many districts at over 50%, with the highest coming in at 82%.

The Journal News reports:

Several districts in the Lower Hudson Valley reported that at least 25 percent of students had refused to take the tests. In at least two districts, that number rose to 50 percent. At least eight districts saw more than 30 percent of the student body refuse to take the tests. Another 14 districts reported a rate of refusal higher than 15 percent.

Mahopac’s interim schools superintendent, Brian Monahan, said 55 percent of the district’s middle school students and 45 percent of its elementary school students had refused the tests. In North Rockland, 63 percent of the district’s middle school students refused the tests, with the overall district refusal rate coming in at 49 percent. Half of Ramapo Central’s middle school students skipped the tests.

The Buffalo News reports:

Thousands of students have refused to take state standardized tests Tuesday in the Buffalo Niagara region, the first day of English Language Arts tests given to third through eighth graders across New York State this week.

The number of students refusing to participate is expected to grow significantly over the 60,000 statewide who refused to take the tests last year.

The rate reached 70 percent Tuesday in the West Seneca School District, where 2,074 of 2,976 eligible students refused testing. Rates at individual schools ranged from 50 percent at Northwood Elementary School to 83 percent at Allendale Elementary.

Last year, the district-wide refusal rate in West Seneca was approximately 30 percent.

I think New York parents are sending a clear message.  The numbers this year will likely empower even more parents to refuse the tests next year.

2 thoughts on “HUGE Numbers of Students Opt-Out in New York

  1. Keep the news alive throughout the Math and Science tests this year, particularly in the NYC area. Despite a highly diverse population, parents who would have never thought to rise against local authority are now empowered.

    Hopefully, it is our work this year that will lead to an existing bill that will become law; a law that will make each school in each district notify parents of their right to refuse common core testing. This will make our numbers much higher.

    Ultimately, we are forcing a more honest approach to student, teacher and school assessment ratings, not one created and performed for corporate profits and political favors.

    Thanks Shane, for keeping the movement in the news.

  2. Please include a link for your CCSS Opt Out Form in Spanish! In LAUSD we are 67% Hispanic. Not to mention schools in New York, Chicago, Denver, San Diego, Dallas, San Antonio, Phoenix, Miami, and probably many other big cities now. Thanks!

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